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Exterior sprayed cork cladding is a top-quality, spray-applied housing material, renowned in Europe and South America for almost two decades. North American homeowners are beginning to adopt protective cork claddings in their construction projects as the numerous advantages of this material gain recognition. Thermal cork cladding is made by grinding cork into small granules, mixed into a water-based acrylic resin, producing a sprayable cork material. There are several ways how exterior cork cladding can safeguard your home.

Crack Resistance

It’s natural for buildings to move slightly due to ground shifts. Large structures like skyscrapers are designed to adapt to these subtle movements, but most homes are not. This natural movement can result in the cladding material cracking over time. These cracks not only spoil the aesthetics but also threaten the building’s structural integrity, leading to potentially serious problems. Sprayed cork, with its superior elasticity and flexibility compared to regular building materials, resists cracking and micro-fissures. Thus, cork cladding is a wise long-term investment for your residence.

Fire Retardancy

One of the biggest nightmares for homeowners is a house fire. Besides taking standard precautions like fitting smoke detectors, homeowners should consider building materials resistant to fire. Naturally, cork oak trees resist wildfires due to cork’s poor combustion characteristics, making it a natural fire retardant. The same fire resistance can be achieved in your home with thermal cork shielding.

Antimicrobial Properties

For homeowners interested in preventing mold growth, sprayed cork is the cladding material of choice. Cork naturally resists mold and microbes due to its water-resistant properties. By repelling moisture and preventing high humidity, cork naturally inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. Furthermore, cork contains a substance called suberin. Suberin is a waxy, waterproof substance that deters insects and small pests.

Environmentally Sustainable

Unlike many construction materials, cork is renewable and sustainable. Indeed, the majority of global cork supplies are harvested from Portugal’s cork oak trees. The cork is stripped without damaging the tree, which regenerates the cork and can be safely harvested every few years.

By opting for ThermalCork Solutions’ products for your home, you’re guaranteed reliable protection. If you’re interested in learning more about our offerings, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re always ready to answer your questions!