Safetykool Cork Pool Deck

Benefits of SafetyKool Cork Pool Deck

  • Enhance safety with a slip-resistant pool deck.
  • Comfortable and cool touch even during hot days.
  • More pool time with family and friends.
  • Safe and enjoyable barbecues and pool parties.
  • Minimize the risk of dangerous slips and falls.
  • Create an inviting and fun atmosphere for all age groups.

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A swimming pool is not just a source of fun and exercise, but it also needs to be safe. ThermalCork Solutions’ innovative SafetyKool cork pool deck ensures a secure, enjoyable pool experience for everyone.

Discover the advantages of our versatile, durable, and eco-friendly cork pool decks:

  • Cork provides a non-slip surface, reducing slipping hazards around your pool.
  • With its exceptional durability, cork won’t crack, peel, or fade quickly, reducing maintenance worries.
  • Cork’s low heat absorption rate ensures a cool and comfortable surface, even under a scorching sun.
  • Want quieter pool parties? Cork’s noise reduction properties can help create a calmer atmosphere.
SafetyKool Cork Pool Deck by ThermalCork Solutions

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